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Patrick Willis – A 49ers Linebacker With Two Men to Call ‘Dad’

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You are probably thinking what I was thinking when I first read the New York Times headline: “A 49ers Linebacker with Two Men to Call Dad.” Patrick Willis grew up with two gay dads?  And although I don’t think there’s … Continue reading

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A Short Intro to Tal Ben-Shahar: Tal Ben-Shahar, the  professor of Positive Psychology at Harvard University, and author of two best selling books, Perfect and Happier, is a pioneer of self-awareness. This educator, author, and philanthopist is exploding on the mainstream media … Continue reading

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Chocolate Loveliness – 1 Minute Mug Brownie Recipe

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They say “You cannot satisfy spiritual hunger on the physical level,” but you sure can ward off your cravings for chocolate in just one minute. A long time ago, I stumbled across a one minute brownie recipe online and I … Continue reading

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10 Songs To Put You In A Lovely Mood

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Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, angry, or just plain unlovely, I turn to music to get me through it.  I decided to make a list of a few songs that have literally helped me back down from the edge of a … Continue reading

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Lovely Guide To Decoding Dreams

Haven’t you ever wondered if your dreams meant anything? Are they simply expressions of your subconscious mixed with present day circumstances? Can they predict the future or help you make decisions? Does everyone dream? I am no expert on dreams, … Continue reading

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Using Your Lovely Deamosophogus

Remember that people come in all shapes and sizes and shades of gray. Since everyone is so different, it’s hard to find people who appeal to your mind and heart. In fact, you’d be lucky to have even a handful … Continue reading

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A Lovely Guide to Getting Over It

Breakups don’t have to wreck your loveliness. There comes a time where you have to realize that the world cannot afford for you not to be lovely even for a second. Remember, being upset ruins your makeup and your mood. … Continue reading

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