A Lovely Guide to Getting Over It

Face it, it's over

Breakups don’t have to wreck your loveliness.

There comes a time where you have to realize that the world cannot afford for you not to be lovely even for a second. Remember, being upset ruins your makeup and your mood.

Get over your ex and move on using these 6 steps:

  1. Put everything your ex gave you out of your sight.                             Remember, you don’t have to burn anything, but you do have to hide it. Objects are attached to memories and significance. Why look at the things that constantly remind you of someone who is now dead to you. Having said that… 
  2. Throw a funeral for your ex.                                                                                      Studies conducted on patients who have recently experienced trauma show that physically performing a ceremony allows the brain to adjust to a new life after grief.  A funeral can help you adjust to the finality of the break up situation and your new single life. There’s no going back.  Your ex is your ex for a reason. So put a stuffed animal in a box, invite your friends over (or not), and have some houre d’oeuvres. Go around in a circle and have your friends say what they really thought about your ex. You’ll be glad you did it. 
  3. Exercise                                                                      This is probably the best thing you can do for your mind and your body. Ask anyone, read anything, they’ll tell you that exercise is the ultimate cure for every single ailment: depression, acne, pneumonia, lazy eye, menstrual cramps, diarrhea, anorexia, obesity, bloatedness, but ESPECIALLY a broken heart. Plus, it gets your butt in shape. Want a killer right hook? Pretend you’re punching your ex’s face! Not into boxing? Then try jumping jacks. And why not  list his short comings after every  jack? That way you’ll be both burning calories and reminding yourself that you are superior in every way. 
  4. Tell yourself you are incredible until you believe it                                               I mean it. Sit in front of the mirror and genuinely compliment yourself. Start small. “I like my dimples.” Then move on to bigger and better traits. “I like the shape of my lips. Come to think of it, my whole mouth is very shapely. I like my straight teeth. The color of my eyes is gorgeous. I should have wallpaper made in that color…” If this doesn’t work, force your friends of the opposite sex to give you compliments. That kind of attention always cheers you up. But if you have no friends of the opposite sex, ask your parents. They’re always full of compliments, except you’ll rarely hear them say, “you sure are sexy.”
  5. Understand that it’s not you, it’s your ex’s karma                                        Believe you are incredible, and if a relationship that you were invested in ended, maybe it wasn’t because of your bad karma as much as your ex’s. Most likely your ex messed up so much in this life (or his previous life) that something real and unseen is denying him the complete and utter joy of keeping your company. Sure you might have been “hurt” a little in the process but you have more important fish to fry… I mean catch.  Clearly you’re meant for better people (better, in the sense that they’ll be better suited for you). You just don’t know it yet, but the sooner you get over your ex, the faster you’ll recognize somebody else.

    Follow these 6 steps and maybe you can find yourself in a field of yellow flowers too!

  6. Releasing your love into the universe                                                              Usually, it takes three times the amount of months you were together with your ex to reach this step.  For example, if you were with your ex for 5 months, (5×3=15) it will take you 15 months after you broke up before you can do the last step. It’s usually how long it takes the bitterness to disappear (assuming you were in love, if it wasn’t love then recovery time may vary):
  • mentally collect all of the memories, emotions, and images of surrounding people that remind you of you ex. We all know that what was loved is never forgotten, so don’t even pretend like you don’t ever think about him/her from time to time.
  • step outside at night time, preferably when it’s not raining or snowing, and when the moon is visible, and you are alone. 
  • imagine that you are drawing out an electrical force of energy from your heart to the palms of your hands, cultivating a big ball of electricity. Only it’s not electricity, it is your emotions and loving energy associated with your ex, and it’s imaginary. Nobody can see it but you.
  • Fill the electric ball in your hands with all the love and kindness that you can muster up and watch the ball grow. Think of all the wonderful things your ex taught you and be genuinely grateful for having known him/her.
  • When you are ready, kiss the imaginary ball of love and gratitude, and release it into the sky, aiming at the moon. (Think GoKu from Dragon Ball Z) When you let it go, picture your ex with another partner, completely happy. Genuinely wish them all the very best.
  • Imagine that your ball of love travels and reaches this person that you once loved and he/she feels it, make his/her peace with it, and returns his/her gratitude for having known you.
  • You may now smile.
  • Become aware of the emptiness that exists within you and embrace it. This can only be a good thing because now you made room for other people. And, believe me, there will be other people.

Congratulations, you are now “over it.

Stay lovely.

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