Using Your Lovely Deamosophogus

Never give up on lovely people

Remember that people come in all shapes and sizes and shades of gray. Since everyone is so different, it’s hard to find people who appeal to your mind and heart. In fact, you’d be lucky to have even a handful of people who you genuinely find to be lovely in this lifetime.

But how do u know when you finally find that lovely person? Good question.

That answer is your dreamosophagus will let you know, duh! People have different names for it like “intuition” or “the 6th sense,” and you may have your own creative name for it, but I prefer “dreamosophagus” because it sounds most biologically credible. It’s the thing that detects when someone or something matches up to your inner hopes and dreams. All you have to do is look at an object or a person and push the dreamosophagus On/Off button located on the tip of your nose.

I know what your thinking, “If my dreamosophagus has been on my nose the whole time, how did I miss it?” That’s not it, silly. On your nose, is only the On/Off button, not the masterful work of art that is the dreamosophagus.

Remember the good old days? I bet you can’t, so how can you expect to remember your dreamosophagus?

Everyone has a dreamosophagus, but people hide it in different imaginary places inside their bodies. You might not remember the exact location where yours is because you hid it a long time ago – when you were a child, and in the prime of  sculpting your dreams. You created your dreamosophagus in attempt to cushion your fragile mentality from harsh reality of adulthood. Too bad you let it collect dust in a nameless place somewhere inside.

And to think, you had the power to turn your dreamosophagus on the entire time. How often we miss to see what is on the tip of our noses!

What does your dreamosophagus tell you?

I recently rediscovered my dreamosophagus – mine is a silky, purple bubble made of thin membrane, extending from my heart down to the pit of my stomach, attached by a string of red yarn to a dusty nook inside my cerebellum. The string wraps around the side of my skull until it reaches the wires inside my nose. That way, the button can turn my dreamosophagus on and off without a problem.

To see if it works, I pictured the faces of people I know. I closed my eyes and, one by one, I examined their faces on my eyelids. I pressed the button on the tip of my nose and colors flashed brightly for every person. If it was a picture of someone who I truly believe is lovely, the color green flashed. If it was of someone who is not lovely to me, the color red flashed. It does the same thing if I picture different career paths or different places I’d like to visit.

Incredibly, it is accurate 100% of the time in accordance to what I truly feel! Sometimes, I didn’t know I felt something about a person, thing, or place until the color flashed as the picture appeared. I found out so much about what I want.

You think that maybe it’s time that you rediscover your dreamosophagus?

Anyway, the point of this entry is based on the finding that out of all the pictures I scanned through my dreamosophagus, I realized that it flashed the green light only for very few individuals. For that reason, I consider those few lovely individuals very special. Your dreamosophagus doesn’t lie because you made it at an age where your heart and your intentions were pure. So it’s time to put a little faith into your dreamosophagus and the people who it declares to be compatible with your dreams. Never lose this faith.

Stay lovely.

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