Patrick Willis – A 49ers Linebacker With Two Men to Call ‘Dad’

You are probably thinking what I was thinking when I first read the New York Times headline: “A 49ers Linebacker with Two Men to Call Dad.”

Patrick Willis grew up with two gay dads? 

And although I don’t think there’s anything wrong with same sex couples adopting, the truth for Patrick is that his dads are only tied by the institution of foster care.  After Patrick’s biological dad, Ernest Willis, experienced problems that made him unable to care for his son, Patrick ended up in the care of a white man named Chris Finley.

Patrick grew to love Chris like a father, and a few years later also reunited with his Ernest. So now Patrick considers the two men to be his fathers and loves them both unconditionally. (To read the full article and find out more about Patrick Click Here)

This is Patrick Willis

While this is a very random article to discuss, in light of the 49ers recent victories, I thought it would be appropriate to illustrate the loveliness of Patrick Willis’s family life. I was sitting in Starbucks during a blizzard in the Village, reading the New York Times, waiting for my brother to finish his acting class when I was surprised that something hopeful appeared on the front page of the newspaper. Frankly, I think it is a breath of fresh air to find a positive, hopeful headline for once.

It really impressed me and taught me more about this athlete that I was not entirely familiar with. I hope to see more news like that.


Among reports on systemic failures, business closures, strikes, killings, and backward debates, it’s nice to read about a success story of a strong, forgiving athlete. It is important that we have more of these types of hopeful stories.


Patrick Willis with Chris and Julia Finely

Stay on the lookout for good news and lovely people!

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